Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bye Bye Sugar!

I had been contemplating giving up sugar as part of FebFast and then I saw Sarah Wilson's post on giving up chocolate as part of FebFast also! Great minds sure do think alike! I have a serious addiction to chocolate and had been in denial about it. I practically always pick up some chocolate during the day either at the petrol station or the supermarket and they are always my 'little treats'. But enough is enough and it is time to make some changes. I am very excited about the double whammy - giving up alcohol and chocolate in the same month. I am sure worse things could happen and my body will really thank me for it. I am well aware that I will not be a happy camper after a few days without chocolate so will need to investigate a substitute 'reward food!'

Part of my inspiration has come from James Dugains 'Clean and Lean - Flat Tummy Fast' I am not so concerned about the flat tummy - although that would be nice! It is more about cleaning up my diet and eating food that is actually going to benefit my body.

So my new health plan goes like this

1. Complete some form of exercise each day - even if it is just taking the dog for a walk or doing some yoga.

2. Cut out alcohol and chocolate for one month. I will continue to eat fruit as I really, really couldn't live without it!

3. Get more sleep. I am terrible, staying up late watching rubbish TV. Must aim for some more relaxation/sleep time in my life.

Can't wait!!

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  1. Your a brave woman, good luck... if only we were all as good.